What is the CPSIA compliant stamp for?

We use a CPSIA  compliant stamp to actively show that our items are safe for children. In the United States, the CPSC regulates children items, and in our effort to ensure safety for the children who use it. 

Can we use the toys for outside the age range?

Majority of our toys are intended for ages 6 and older. This is due to CPSIA regulations and the possibility of small parts. None of our toys are advised for under 3 because we do not do lab small parts testing which is required for that age group. All of our items are completely able to be used for children (or adults) who are older than the suggested age range.

Do you take requests?

You can contact us if you have a specific request. However, we may or may not be able to fulfill it. 

Do you have items for older kids, teens, or adults?

We are working at expanding the options and range for our products, however we do have limitations currently... If specific items, interests, or age ranges are more requested, we will push them towards the top of the list to try to include in future drops. 

Why are your puzzles and memory games made from wood?

We have found that wood is more durable than the cardboard or cardstock options that are currently on the market. Additionally, the pieces are thicker, which means that it is easier for those building fine motor skills to pick up and use. 

How do I know what level/stage to purchase?

This can be child dependent, based on where their sensory needs, motor skills, and other skills are. If it is their first exposure to the category, or they require a significant amount of adult assistance, starting at the first stage is suggested. You can also reach out to us via the contact form or on social media and we can help try to find the best item to meet the abilities and interests of the child. 

Why do you offer multiple versions of many products?

Many of our products are offered as multiple levels or stages because not every child is at the same level in terms of spatial reasoning, fine motor skills, or other abilities. We believe that the only limit for a child should be their imagination, so we try to find ways where everyone can be included in the fun. 

I'm looking for a felt board activity based on a book or movie? Why don't you offer these in your shop while others do?

We either create or license all of the artwork used on products in the shop. While making a felt board or puzzle inspired by your favorite book or movie is a great idea, unless it is available in the public domain or we have been given permission to create products inspired by such, we can't do so. 

Do you have  a shop I can visit?

Right now, we don't have a retail location that can be visited to view the items in person. We do plan on doing craft shows (in the Twin Cities and surrounding area) and other events, so join our email list or follow us on social media to see when and where these are. 

Can I build my own bundle?

Right now, we don't offer the choice to build your own bundle... This is because our collection of felt pieces continues to change, new pieces are added and old ones are retired or may have undergone alteration. In the future, we might look further into offering this. 

Do you allow wholesale or bulk purchases?

We do offer wholesale and bulk purchases. Please reach out to us to get more information.